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Ecofunco final event

ECOFUNCO Final Event

1st conference on Green Chemistry and sustainable coatings

17 – 18 June 2022

Pisa, Italy - Hybrid modality

As closing event for the ECOFUNCO project, on 17 and 18 June 2022 the 1st Conference on Green Chemistry and Sustainable Coatings was held at Convento delle Benedettine in Pisa, Italy, and online.

The conference covered the following topics: 

  • Materials from renewable resources
  • Sustainable coatings
  • Biodegradability/recyclability/sustainability
  • Packaging with enhanced barriers/active packaging
  • Health care cosmetics applications/electrospinning

The ECOFUNCO advisory board and related projects were invited to deliver a presentation. In total, 31 speakers were present at the event.

Below you can find all the presentations, with their downloadable PDF and YouTube recording. 

Download PDF
Patrizia Cinelli
INSTM/University of Pisa - Italy
ECOFUNCO - Eco sustainable multifunctional biobased coatings with enhanced performance and end of life options
Francisco Javier Vilaplana
KTH - Sweden
Enzymatic upgrading of biomass hemicelluloses for materials and nutrition
Maria Beatrice Coltelli
INSTM/University of Pisa - Italy
CBE, BBI program INSTM and UNIPI participation
Sergio J. Quesada
ENCO Consulting - Italy
BIONTOP - Novel packaging films and textiles with tailored end of life and performance based on bio-based copolymers and coatings
Daniele Spinelli
NTT - Italy
FISH4FISH - Biodegradable Packaging from chitinolytic fish wastes: the FISH4FISH project
Aldo Ramirez Reyes
IRIS - Spain
PRESERVE- High performance sustainable bio-based packaging with tailored end of life and upcycled secondary use
Giovanna Strangis
University of Pisa - Italy
RECOVER-Development of innovative biotic symbiosis for plastic biodegradation and synthesis to solve their end of life challenges in the agriculture and food industries
Micaela Vannini
University of Bologna - Italy
PROLIFIC - Ultimate exploitation of agro-industrial residues: a PROLIFIC contribution to the development of biocomposites
Cristina Fernandez
IRIS - Spain
AgriMax-Agri and food waste valorisation co-ops based on flexible multi-feedstocks biorefinery processing technologies for new high added value applications
Serena Chierici
SSICA - Italy
AgriMax Biorefinery - Valorization of crop and food processing by-products through an integrated cascade process
Vera Alvarez
Development of biopolymeric materials in sustainable agricultural applications.
Andreas Michalsky
Huhtamaki - Germany
SingleUsePlasticBan and possible solutions with BioPlastics
Ipsita Roy
University of Sheffield - UK
Production and scale up of Sustainable Biobased Polymers of bacterial origin and their use in Biomedical Applications
Mario Milazzo
University of Pisa - Italy
Collagen-based inks reinforced with hydroxyapatite nanoparticles for 3D printing: a rheological study comparing bovine and fish sources
Saeed Ismaeilimoghadam
University of Tehran - Iran
Different nanocellulose absorption properties for superabsorbent in hygienic applications
Kudirat Abidemi
IRIS - Spain
Distribution study of biopolymers coatings on films and cellulosic materials for packaging application
Bahareh Azimi
University of Pisa - Italy
Deposition of Chitin Nanofibrils on different substrates by Electrospray Technique
Stefano Bianchi
University of Bologna-Italy
Thermogravimetric evaluation of the antioxidants stability of biodegradable polymer containing natural phenolic antioxidants
Aleksandra Nešić
University of Novi Sad, Serbia
Thermo-mechanical properties of recycled PLA
Luca Niccolini
University of Pisa
Study of the microbial communities associated with cultures of Acartia tonsa (Copepoda, Calanoida) and involved in the degradation of poly(butylene succinate-co-butylene adipate)
Maria José López
University of Almería - Spain
The power of synergistic interactions between organisms for plastic recycling and degradation
Domenico Licursi
University of Pisa-Italy
New exploitation strategies of the by-products deriving from the hazelnut supply chain
Simona Digregorio
University of Pisa-Italy
Bio-based remediation: hydrocarburoclastic fungi and bacteria to improve bioavailability and degradability of petroleum hydrocarbons in a historically contaminated soil
Maria Cristina Righetti
Poly(ethylene furandicarboxylate) (PEF): A bio-based alternative to PET
Fabio Favrin
University of Siena - Italy
Antifouling properties of electrospun polymer coatings induced by surface morphology
Francesca Braca
ARCHA - Italy
Biodegradability and compostability performances of new coated packaging
Pier Francesco Morganti
Multirole of chitin nanofibrils for a greener society
María Carmen Garrigós
University of Alicante - Spain
Agro-food wastes as a source of antioxidants, lipids and cutin by microwave-assisted and ultrasound-assisted extraction
Simone Giangrandi
Trends in paper-based food packaging and products with increased recyclability
Maria Beatrice Coltelli
University of Pisa - Italy
Chitin nanofibrils in antimicrobial coatings for cellulosic and bioplastic substrates
Maurizia Seggiani
University of Pisa, Italy
Extraction of PHAs from Rhodovulum Sulfidophilum DSM 1374 bacteria by non-chlorinated solvents
Università  Di Pisa
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