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From food waste to bio-based coatings - ECOFUNCO results
After 39 months of research, the ECOFUNCO consortium closes the research activities carried out with the funding of the BBI JU, BIC and Horizon 2020.
International Women's day 2022 - Are we closer to gender equality?
In this International Women's day we present some data on women and science. Is gender equality possible?
Hot-melt coatings to improve the recyclability of paper and plastic
In this article -written by Vito Gigante- we will discover the potential of bio-based and biodegradable hot melt coatings.
ECOFUNCO was represented to CIBUS 2021 by Consortium of the Prosciutto di Parma. Discover more in this article.
Bacterial Cellulose, a green biodegradable polymer with many varied applications
In this article -written by Emmanuel Asare and Ipsita Roy- we will discover how versatile it is a new, smart material: bacterial cellulose.


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