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M30 Meeting

Ecofunco consortium reunites for the M30 meeting

On 18 and 19 November 2021, the seventeen partners from ECOFUNCO joined together for their M30 meeting. This virtual assembly stated the start of the last steps towards the end of the project on 30 April 2022.

The project coordinator, Patrizia Cinelli from INSTM/University of Pisa, focused the virtual gathering on the ongoing workpackages that needed more attention from all the partners. ECOFUNCO, in fact, is now in its last part of activites, where the production of demonstrator is requested. 

WP5, lead by LUCENSE, introduced promising results on the application of bio-based coatings on cellulosic substrates. Several formulations and application processes have been tested and some of them have been chosen for the next phase of the scaling up. 

WP6, lead by BIO-MI, optimized the plastic substrate production for flexible and rigid films. Very good results have been achieved in different application of cutin, chitin and chitosan coatings. In the coming weeks, partners will meet to discuss the next steps to be taken for the scaling up processes. 

As regards WP7, the leader ARCHA is working closely with the partners to assess the biodegradability of all the solutions validated after the research activities. Also, food contact validation tests will be performed as soon as demonstrators will be ready.

WP8 on dissemination and exploitation, lead by KNEIA, performs always ongoing activities, being enriched by results achieved in other WPs. The next actions will involve the business model development and the analysis the exploitation of results obtained in ECOFUNCO. 

Overall, the partners were glad to meet again and have the opportunity connect once again all together to establish the best action plan to reach the milestones of ECOFUNCO. Also, they hoped to be able to meet in person for the next planned events of ECOFUNCO, the final meeting in M36 (April 2022) in Pisa, Italy. 

If you want to engage with ECOFUNCO, send us an email (info [at] or connect through Twitter or LinkedIn


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