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Biorefine Conference

ECOFUNCO at the Biorefine Conference

Next 30 May 2022, Patrizia Cinelli from University of Pisa, ECOFUNCO project coordinator, will present ECOFUNCO at The Biorefine Conference in the session "Turning agricultural waste into biomaterials", moderated by Marcella Fernandes de Souza of the Ghent University.

The Biorefine Cluster Europe will held the first edition of the Biorefine Conference, titled "The role of biorefineries in European agriculture", and which will take place on 30 and 31 May in Ghent, Belgium.

The Conference is aimed at highlighting the current research innovations in the six main Biorefine’s domains related to the sustainable resource management in the framework of circular economy systems: nutrient recycling and recovery, renewable energy, water recovery and use, biomaterials & eco-design, biochemicals and value chain assessment. Those domains will be at the core of the discussion, focused on recent developments and concrete solutions to make the transition to circular economy work in practice.

Full program and registrations are available on Biorefine Cluster Europe website.



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