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Last November, our researchers presented ECOFUNCO latest advances at the 3rd Coatings and Interfaces Conference, organised by Sciforum and MDPI. The event was held online from 24 November 2021 to 26 November 2021. 

As explained on the CIC 2021 official website

The impact of coatings and interfaces in technology is growing at an unprecedented pace. pportunity to keep up with this quickly evolving field, by providing a comprehensive overview of the latest findinEnergy, sustainable mobility, pollution control, critical raw materials, preservation of cultural heritage, control of materials degradation, food safety, and health science are all challenges that critically depend on our capability to engineer surfaces. The aim of the CIC2021 is to give scientists and professionals a unique ogs regarding the fundamentals and application of coatings and interfaces.

Bringing together scientists and experts in the field of coatings, two posters presenting the advances of ECOFUNCO were presented and accepted. The Flash Poster Presentations are available online

"ECOFUNCO - ECO sustainable multifunctional biobased COATings with enhanced performance and end of life options" is a poster presented by Patrizia Cinelli. The poster describes how ECOFUNCO is tackling the problem of plastic waste accumulation in the environment. This concern has promoted the research into sustainable alternatives to those products devoted to single use application, whose collection and recycling are difficult. 

"Sustainable multifunctional biobased coatings from waste sources for paper and bioplastics" was presented by Luca Panariello, Alessandro Vannozzi, Francesca Braca, Simone Giangrandi, Andreas Stäbler, Maria-Beatrice Coltelli, Patrizia Cinelli and Andrea Lazzeri. The poster explains how molecules as polyphenols and chitin nanofibrils were used. Polyphenols were extracted from tomato waste using techniques such as microwave-assisted extraction (MAE), while chitin nanofibrils were obtained from the chemical treatment of shrimps and mushrooms and their subsequent mechanical defibrillation with high-pressure homogenization (HPH) or grinding.


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